Teeth veneers

May 1, 2014

Veneers allow people with not so perfect teeth to have that smile they have always wanted.  Many movie stars get veneers so that they can appear more appealing to audiences.  What are teeth veneers though and could they be right for you?



Teeth veneers are made of porcelain and act as a shield for the teeth. The process for getting teeth veneers is usually a couple of visits to your dentist.  This process is prolonged when there is additional work required such as root canals that need to be performed. 


The procedure for getting teeth veneers is similar to other dental restoration procedures that require molds, or impressions, of your teeth to be made.  These impressions will assist in the creation of the teeth veneers that will be set by your dentist in a later visit.  The process of creating the veneers involves the creation of a stone cast of your teeth and then is sent to a dental laboratory.  A wax version of the teeth veneers is then created and used to create a temporary version of your veneers.  Once everything is approved the next step can be taken.


Teeth come in all different colors while most people prefer white.  Your dentist will assist you in picking the correct shade for your teeth based on your skin tone.  The shade of the teeth that will surround your teeth veneers also is a concern.  Ultimately your new teeth should appear as natural as possible.


Your teeth will need some preparation before teeth veneers can be set.  This process requires that some of your tooth enamel be removed.  Preparation depends on factors such as teeth veneers chosen, layout of your current teeth and the process your dentist favors.  In some cases a local anesthetic may be required.


Temporary teeth veneers are created out of an acrylic material then cemented to your teeth using a temporary cementing product.  Provisionary teeth veneers are not as white as the final set, have a slightly rougher than your teeth texture and require some preventative measures with food be taken.  With temporary teeth veneers you should not eat hard foods, chew gum or eat sticky candy, should not bite your nails or drink, or eat, foods that have dark pigments.  All of these actions can damage your transitory teeth veneers.


Completion of teeth veneers usually takes one to two weeks at which point you will have to return to your dentist for final setting.  Inspection of the veneers in your mouth will not require any cement, upon successful placement your new teeth veneers will be permanently set by your dentist.


Once you have the teeth veneers installed you will probably have to wear a night guard, or splint, when sleeping to protect your veneers from unconscious teeth grinding.  This grinding motion can cause damage to your teeth veneers, the tooth enamel underneath and can cause return visits to the dentist for costly repair work. 


Teeth veneers are not permanent, they are designed to function properly for 10 to 15 years of regular, light, use.  Veneers do not alleviate having regular teeth cleanings by your dental hygienist or regular dentist visits to ensure teeth health.

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